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Coolness of The Off the Shoulder Look

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Summer Shock: Coolness of The Off the Shoulder Look
Now since summer has officially made a name for itself with the sizzling heat. We can finally update our
seasonal wardrobe with a new look that won’t break the bank. Yet it’s a style that’s been popping in and
out of the fashion vault for quite a while.
The breezy blouse is a destination trend that doesn’t mean you’re actually vacationing. It’s a relaxing
design that makes the look seem effortless. This chic style can really help in the heat department, by
introducing a new wave of casualty. Which is one of the useful things about this casual look it keeps
everything simple amongst the heat. One valuable factor these blouses/tops offer is the subtly it shares
with denim or any bottoms. It’s a go to look that’s ideal for any item you own in your closet.
Like a pair of printed shorts, pencil skirts, or a pair flare pants. Leaving you with endless choices when
pairing them up. Yet many of the styles have displayed themselves around many celebs and a list of style
But what stands out the most are the many varieties they come in. Like the striped off the shoulder look,
or the paisley, or in white and even in tie-dye. Shoptoni has the trendy look in two styles, but for now
you can find them in tie-dye. For instance, the Jasmine Tie-Dye tops come in three colors (pink, aqua and
black). Our most popular style is the striped Dylan Open Shoulder tops in blue or navy, yet there’s a
waiting list but don’t worry we’ll have more in soon.
Overall the it factors these tops create are bonafide looks that showcase how fun summer style is. The
genuine feeling is to define the heat with a few statement trends, and the off the shoulder look is
indeed a winner this summer. 
Brittany J.

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